Thursday, October 11, 2007

Quito Stop Over

If you haven't seen Quito, you haven't seen Ecuador!

Quito is the oldest South American capital and retains many of its colonial aspect. Situated between the fertile base of the Volcano Pichincha and the steep canyon of the river Machángara, Quito enjoys an unrivaled natural setting. At night, Quito is a bounty of lights against the absolute blackness of the forested mountains and volcanoes that surround it. Quito's classic architecture and modern structures work with the timber and vegetation that produces South America's most beautiful capital city. Quito is the perfect place to begin exploring Ecuador. See the historic sites of Colonial Quito and the city's numerous museums; visit hundreds of shops, cafes, and restaurants or take advantage of the many excursions, hiking and horseback riding in the surrounding areas. These great amenities make Quito ideal to host world congress events or corporate meetings. One of the most interesting and educational sites is the “Middle of the World” monument and visitors complex which is located just adjacent to Quito, where visitors can step between the worlds hemispheres in the blink of an eye.

For more information on Quito, the “Middle of the World,” or to book travel to Ecuador, is a great resource to book through or research.

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